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Oracle PL/SQL - Forms tutorials

Francois Degrelle
Oracle Certified Professionnal - Oracle ACE


 Multi-selection record

See how you can handle a multi-selection record in a Forms table-block

 Dynamic LOV

Forms: A simple dynamic LOV

 Upload documents

A JSP page to upload documents to the database

 Avoid duplicates

Avoid duplicated records within the same Forms block

 Forms 10gR2 Demos

Oracle Forms 10g R2 : Demo, Tips and Techniques

 Forms applet parameters

A javabean to get the Forms applet parameters at runtime

 Dynamic Report

A Dynamic Report Launcher

 Dynamic LOVs

Handle all the LOVs of your application in a single dialog (Sources)

 Record set function

How to handle stored function returned record set in a client side application

 HTML Buttons

Forms Buttons with HTML labels

 Java alert box

A popup java Alert dialog to display more than 3 options

 Big alert box

A popup java dialog to display thousands characters messages

 Forms JTable

Multi-lines blocks that look like "Java Swing Jtable" component

 Forms JTable 2

Multi-lines blocks that look like "Java Swing Jtable" component with storing/retrieving initial and user settings



 Key pressed simulation

Forms: how to simulate a key pressed

 LAF Project

Forms Look and Feel Project : participate

 J2EE-Forms integration

How to integrate a J2EE application in a Forms application


How to base a block on a FROM CLAUSE to sort on a non database column

 Hierarchical tree

Handle a hierarchical tree with database roles enabled

 Oracle collections

Oracle Collections : What is good to know

 100% dynamic

How to build a complete application from a single Select order

 Forms JSlider

A Jslider in your application

 Open-file dialog box

An open-file dialog box with image preview

 Java imput dialog

A popup java input dialog to enter a value


Replace the OLE Container C/S functionality with the Webutil library

 Forms Dynamic Colors

Let the users choose and dynamically change the colors of their applications (sources)

 Move items

Move_item : a procedure that allows to place item at the exact position at runtime

 MSWord Help system

A contextual html help pages system for low budget project